Team Qhubeka Assos

Powering Data For World Tour Cycling

Team Qhubeka Assos believes the power of data enables the best performance capabilities from our athletes, we pride ourselves at being innovators through technology within World Tour Cycling and our long term relationship with Lumin Sports allows us to be at the forefront of technological and data advancement.

A Commitment To Innovate For The Future Of Sports Technology & Professional Cycling

The Lumin Sports and Team Qhubeka ASSOS relationship is one that has existed long before the start of this current road cycling season. A foundational relationship that has been fostered over many years in the pursuit of a common cause, to innovate technology to provide effective performance and wellbeing tools for the worlds best athletes.

Lumin Sports have been working closely with Douglas Ryder and his team for over 4 years to implement the first versions of the Phila application (Athlete Wellbeing) and the Arc platform (Data Visualisation). Since then the team has been a vital part of Lumin Sports' growth and the innovation of it's technology and this is a relationship we only see growing further . We value all of our client relationships at Lumin Sports and Team Qhubeka ASSOS is at the forefront of that culture and ethos we have fostered as a business.

Lumin Sports will continue to provide both Arc and Phila platforms to the team to power athlete performance and wellbeing, boosting the High Performance capabilities for the team and a continued commitment towards athlete development.

Doug Ryder - Team Principal

"We are a sport and a team with such a diverse work force which is geographically dispersed. Keeping in touch with each other is critical , every day that a rider is not able to train is a day lost to the team and to the rider. Technology and the partnership with Lumin has enabled us to be more connected than ever in a meaningful and relevant way, keeping us on the road."

"The call to action and workflows built into the system has enabled us to better serve our riders and keep them training and on the road. It builds trust and fosters accountability giving the riders peace of mind knowing that their honest feedback and compliance in the tool brings together a whole group of people to support them."

 "Integration and visualisation, understanding the needs of high performance teams."

 "The thought leadership , willingness to understand the complexities of our sport and being always on and available to assist and focus on continuous improvement is unique and special and why Lumin Sports is our partner of choice."

 "As a team we race 280+ days a year in 25 countries on all continents and these platforms help us keep track of our riders understanding their overall health, physical and mental status. We are also rolling the platform out to our staff now as there wellness in serving our riders is critical too. Through this time of the Covid-19 pandemic where we have never been physically so far apart but, as a team , we have never felt so connected and close together thanks to the platforms of Lumin Sports."

Victor Campenaerts - Athlete

“I am able to see all of my data in real time combined into the one system. Everything from my wellness to my performance data on one system is incredibly powerful. I’m able to connect all of my data to my coaches, performance staff and the people allowing me to be at my best. I’m able to integrate my 3rd party hardware and it will upload instantly to the Arc platform for instant analysis.

As an athlete we often are asked to use a variety of different tools to monitor all of our performance metrics, With the Phila and Arc platforms this now consolidates this monitoring and data collection to very few seamless steps, allowing me to concentrate on racing and performing at my best."

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