TIBCO Silicon Valley Bank Womens Pro Cycling

Connecting Performance & Wellbeing

Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank is the longest running professional women’s cycling team in North America. Since 2004, the team’s mission has been to help aspiring female cyclists achieve their dreams of becoming top International competitors. The team has had numerous riders named to Olympic and World Championship squads and has produced several national champions.

Linda Jackson - Founder

"Having the Phila and Arc platform is incredibly helpful for us as a disparate team racing all around the globe, and in particular during the COVID 19 pandemic. Rachel Hedderman, our High Performance Director can see in a heartbeat the location and status of all of our athletes. The ability to monitor and connect with our athletes is crucial and we are able to do this seamlessly via the Lumin Sports platforms.

Not only does the work that Lumin do allow us to centralise our performance data and make better sense of the teams data trends, it allows us to better communicate as a team. Athletes, coaches and support staff are total across performance and wellbeing reporting thanks to the Phila and Arc platform."

Rachel Hedderman - Performance Director

"As a professional cycling team we have athletes based all over the world, and at times we don’t see them in person for several weeks during the season or months during the off season, and even longer in the current climate. The Lumin Arc platform and Phila app allow us to simplify and centralise both qualitative and quantitative data on the athletes and is a valuable tool for us both for helping with team selection decisions, but also for general monitoring of the athletes health and wellbeing."

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