We collaborate with teams to give every decision maker the tools to interpret complex data

Leverage your data

Unlock team potential.

We build relationships with your team to gain a complete understanding of your data problems. Rather than solving this with a one-size-fits-all product, we collaborate with key users to build a custom solution using our suite of modular products and apps.

Design and user experience

is at the forefront of our minds.

Data doesn't have to be complicated. We are continually innovating to find the best ways to present performance data so that technical and non-technical users can make faster and more accurate decisions.

Arc by Lumin Sports

Data at your fingertips.

Arc is our proprietary data visualization web platform. Arc empowers your data, providing tools specifically built for many of the roles within your team. Rather than accumulating masses of data which becomes a burden to manage, Arc presents key information to technical and non-technical users so that faster and more accurate decisions can be made.