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For amateur and professional teams seeking a simple yet powerful wellbeing and team collaboration tool.


per user, per month

/ month

  • Arc and Arc Mobile

  • Condensed data in one place for easy analysis

  • Optimised calculations specifically for your sport


For amateur and professional teams seeking an advanced data analytics, wellbeing and injury management solution, all in one easily rolled out package.


per user, per month

/ month

  • Arc and Arc Mobile

  • Your favourite third party integrations

  • Condense multiple platforms into one for ease of use

  • Easy analysis of team data


For professional teams who require a sophisticated data ecosystem


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  • All core features

  • Fully customisable

  • Unlimited users

  • Monthly development units (12)

What is included?

What are Monthly Development Units (Licence Plus)?

Licence Plus is our name for monthly customisations that are included in your Expert Tier Subscription. We give you monthly access to engineers and developers who will make real customisations to your Arc platform each and every month. Instead of paying for out of scope changes to your platform, Licence Plus gives you 12 units a month to be spent however you like.

What 3rd Party Data Integrations are available? (Arc Core & Arc Expert)

We integrate with industry-leading tools, wearables and other 3rd party systems to ensure that all your team data is visualised in one place. If you have a niche data source that we haven’t worked with before, we will liaise with the data provider to access an API or create a custom uploader specific to your team.

To what extent can I customise Arc for my team?

With our Arc Expert package, we arrange a detailed scoping period where all key stakeholders in your team can have their say on the customisations they want to be built. Once we all agree on your team requirements, our engineering and development team will work to build your desired platform. Once delivered, you will be placed on our Licence Plus program, where you will have access to our engineers and developers each month for any customisations you would like.

Do I get support with my subscription?

We take our customers very seriously, and offering support is mandatory. We make it easy for our users to report bugs, request updates, give feedback, or simply say hello via our live chat option on Arc or via email and phone support. In addition, Arc Expert subscriptions will be allocated a team liaison who will also be available to our customers for any queries.

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