We are Lumin Sports

Born In Australia

Officially founded in Adelaide, Australia in 2018, the Lumin Group was born out of a collaborative relationship with Tour De France cycling team, NTT Pro Cycling and global technology giant Dimension Data. In partnership the organisations created the ultimate data and wellbeing solution for professional sporting teams.

The Lumin Group immediately boasted a world class team of technologists, professional sporting teams and experienced executives who wanted to challenge the way data is collected and visualised in the professional sporting world.

How we started

Lumin Sports flagship data visualization platform Arc was launched in early 2019 as a way for technical and non-technical decision makers in professional sporting teams to interpret complex athlete and team data, to ultimately make better, more accurate and faster decisions.

Our Growth

Once Arc was launched, Lumin continued to build on its professional cycling roots and began working with a number of World Tour, Pro Continental & Olympic Teams before expanding into AFL. Lumin launched Lumin Wellbeing in 2020 to address the influx of remote employees due to COVID-19.

Where to next for Lumin Sports?

Today, Lumin Sports is ready to build its global footprint in professional sports. With the latest Arc V3 data visualization platform and numerous product releasesin 2020, Lumin Sports is focused on giving all decisions makers in the world’s best teams the tools to interpret complex data.

Why are teams across the globe choosing to work smarter with Lumin?

Rachel Hedderman

"As a professional cycling team we have athletes based all over the world, and at times we don’t see them in person for several weeks during the season or months during the off season, and even longer in the current climate. The Lumin Arc platform and Phila app allow us to simplify and centralise both qualitative and quantitative data on the athletes and is a valuable tool for us both for helping with team selection decisions, but also for general monitoring of the athletes health and well being."

Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
Director Sportif
Matt Hass

"We joined Lumin early in the development of their Arc platform as we believed that Arc has tremendous potential in the AFL. As a decision maker in the club, I need key player data presented and available to me at any given time, this is something that Arc has shown extremely strong potential."

Adelaide Football Club
Head of Performance
Ryan Gibbons

“As an athlete I find it incredibly powerful to have the access to my data that all of my coaches also see. It allows me to understand the importance of training and trends in a visual form. The relationship between Dimension Data now NTT and Lumin has been very powerful for athletes and the team as a whole.”

NTT Pro Cycling
Kevin Poulton

"Lumin's ARC platform is a game changer in professional cycling. Arc has given our team real insights into the athlete’s performance and how they are feeling and training every day. This has and will continue to improve our decision making in a globally disparate team."

Powerhouse Cycling
World Tour Cycling Coach
Andy Warr

"We have been working with Lumin since early 2018. Working with our purpose built data collecting tool, Lumin have given our Head Coaches and Key Decision Makers in the team access to visualisations of key performance data in near real time."

Australian Institute of Sport
Chief Engineer in Sport and Technology
Doug Ryder

"We are a sport and a team with such a diverse work force which is geographically dispersed. Keeping in touch with each other is critical , every day that a rider is not able to train is a day lost to the team and to the rider. Technology and the partnership with Lumin has enabled us to be more connected than ever in a meaningful and relevant way, keeping us on the road."

NTT Pro Cycling
Team Director
Jarryd Wallace

"I can comfortably say that Lumin has saved us well over 40% in time spent collecting and preparing data, meaning we can spend more time putting the data to use."

Adelaide Football Club
Sports Science & Conditioning Coordinator

What's new at Lumin?