Aus Cycling

AusCycling is Australia’s national sporting organisation responsible for the development, facilitation and growth of all forms of cycling.

As well as representing 54,000 members and over 400 cycling clubs, AusCycling is responsible for the development of elite cyclists via its high-performance pathways. AusCycling is recognised by the UCI and progresses athletes to compete at world championships and the Olympics.

‘’We first deployed the Lumin platform with the para-athletes because it had the most warranted use case initially. But then we’ve also deployed it in the able-bodied program in the endurance space and now we’ve even got the BMX freestyle using it.’’ – Jamie Stanley, Lead Physiologist, AusCycling.

Platform Tier: Lumin Pro
Pain Points & Challenges
Validity of third-party wearables

While wearable technology was accurately and reliably collecting data on a range of metrics including heart rate and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), AusCycling were concerned about the validity of the reports provided by those companies. As a result, AusCycling needed to complete extra analysis to extract the data they needed.

‘’These third-party devices, they've got metrics in their app which kind of gamify the whole quantification of the physiological state – it’s not so good because some of the metrics don’t have any validity at all.’’ – Jamie Stanley, Lead Physiologist, AusCycling

Visualisations and automatic flagging

Prior to Lumin, AusCycling was relying on Excel to create manual visualisations and didn’t have a way to set up automatic flagging features to notify coaches when athletes were reporting data outside of their normal range.

Administration Time

At the elite level, the amount of data that needs to be collected, analysed, and acted on in an efficient manner is considerable. Previous to Lumin, analysts had been manually recording and entering data into Excel. In some cases, Analysts were losing 7-hours per week dealing with HRV data alone.

Solutions & Impact
Custom analysis of third-party data

A Lumin Sports custom-designed analysis package has allowed AusCycling coaches to extract raw data from their athletes’ wearable technology and view it in a format that suits their specific needs.

‘’The beauty of the Lumin platform is we can strip away all of the fluff and we can extract the raw data based on the research and we can design our analysis interpretation package how we want it.’’ – Jamie Stanley, Lead Physiologist, AusCycling.

Automatic data visualisations and flagging

All data captured by Lumin Sports, including data from integrated technology such as Oura and Whoop, is automatically visualised in graphs and status bars to ensure coaches can understand the data and act on it in a timely manner. Lumin’s ability to automatically notify coaches when an athlete’s data is outside of their normal range helps identify priority screenings and communication.

Integrations and data management

Lumin’s end-to-end data capture and visualisation solution has saved hundreds of administration hours for AusCycling. Having once manually recorded, entered and visualised data, Lumin’s API integrations and visualisations have automated that process – giving time back to coaches and analysts.

‘’Five years ago, we were using a heart rate strap and recording heart rate and then always manually inputting that data into an Excel spreadsheet and then doing the analysis. With the Lumin integrations, it's saving 7 hours of my time a week just in extracting data.’’ – Jamie Stanley, Lead Physiologist, AusCycling.

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