Glenelg Football Club

The Glenelg Football Club is as Australian rules football club that competes in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). The Tigers have teams in the Men’s and Women’s seniors competition, the Reserves leagues well as underage and emerging talent squads.

‘’One thing that the platform has been really good at is creating a compliant culture. Every week, we barely have anyone miss over two days a week for reporting on the app, so they're good with it and they know it's for their benefit, which is often a hard sell with athletes.’’ Tom Stevens – High Performance Manager Glenelg Football Club

Platform Tier: Lumin Core
Pain Points & Challenges
Wellness and RPE Data

Without access to a daily questionnaire, The Tigers had limited scope to track subjective wellness data consistently and easily, including fatigue, mood, stress, soreness and sleep quality.

Post-Game Feedback

Prior to using Lumin, Glenelg’s coaches were using multiple platforms to gather information on personal and team performance. The combination of using different platforms and adhoc collection and collation of data meant feedback loops were inefficient and at times incomplete.

Data Management and Administration

Without a centralised platform, coaches and athletes were using multiple platforms to communicate, view athletic data, plan, and manage injuries. Information was stored in multiple places, increasing the amount of administration required to manage a comprehensive football program.

Solutions & Impact
Wellness and RPE Surveys

Lumin’s daily mobile wellness and RPE surveys allow Glenelg’s athletes to submit their subjective metrics easily and conveniently. This data allows Glenelg’s coaches a greater insight into subjective player load metrics and view that in conjunction with objective markers.

‘’As soon as I fill out my survey, I know the Head of High Performance can see how im feeling and understand if I’m flagging any injury or illness. They can make contact and we can monitor my training loads as opposed to rolling into training and potentially risking an injury.’’ Liam McBean, Athlete, Glenelg Football Club

Post-Game Surveys

Lumin’s Post-Game Feedback surveys have supported an efficient, two-way feedback loop for athletes and coaches. Coaches can pre-load in their questions, nominate a time when they’re sent to athletes, chat to athletes and also view who hasn’t yet responded. The mobile app allows athletes to complete their surveys at a convenient time.

‘’Rather than receiving 20 text messages after a game, players can log it in the app. It has made things so streamlined for our team. I feel as though I have more time to spend with my line coaches rather than sifting through data, comments, and reports. Brett Hand,  Head Coach, Glenelg Football Club

Integrations and Data Management

Lumin’s integrations with other popular hardware and software providers means coaches and athletes need only one platform to view relevant data and communicate with each other.

‘’We can have so much data on there - player wellness, GPS, strength, post-game feedback is all there. It's all in the one spot for us to access, which makes it really good for all the coaches, medical staff and our strength conditioning team, ultimately it keeps everyone on the same page.’’ Tom Stevens – High Performance Manager Glenelg Football Club

The Data

of athletes complete a daily survey