Glenelg Football Club

The benefits of implementing technology to streamline data processes

The Glenelg Football Club and Lumin Sports have been working with each other for a number of years now to implement the Arc platform to the playing squads, medical departments and coaching staff. We understand to implement our technology within teams you must understand the requirements from all levels, athlete, high performance and coaching for it to truly succeed. With years of coaching, playing and practitioner experience within their ranks, the club has seen tremendous benefit in the implementation of Arc.

We recently spent some time with some members of Glenelg Football Club to understand how they have used the Arc platform over the last few years whilst on their quest for premiership glory.

This case study understands how the club have used Arc and Arc Mobile to streamline and access more valuable data to influence the performance of their athletes.

Liam Mcbean - Athlete

It's instant data, so for us, as soon as I fill out my application the head of high performance can essentially view how I'm feeling and understanding if I'm reporting any injury or illness flags. From there they can make contact with me and to talk about how we can then monitor my training loads as opposed to rolling into training and see how you're feeling and potentially risking an injury or not knowing any other factors from my performance or wellbeing reports.

Tom Stevens - Head of High Performance

I think the comparison to Arc compared to any other platforms we've used is just how we can have so much data on there. Play Wellness, GPS, Team Buildr, Post Game Feedback on there. It's just all in the one spot for us to access, which makes it really good for all the coaches, medical staff and our strength conditioning team, ultimately is keeps everyone on the same page.

One thing that the platform has been really good at is creating a compliant culture. Every week, we barely have anyone miss over two days a week for reporting on the app, so they're good with it. They love it. And they know it's for their benefit, which is often a hard sell with athletes.

Brett Hand - SANFL League Head Coach

For me as the Head Coach the fact that our post-game reports are available with such ease. I found that incredibly useful. Our trademark players and any post game feedback is just so easy to get in there, rather than receiving 20 text messages after a game, players can log this within the app. It has made things so streamlined for our team, I feel as though I able to have more time now to spend with my line coaches rather than sifting through data, comments and reports.

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