Hawthorn Football Club

Enabling efficient data processes for AFL Teams

Hawthorn Football Club, nicknamed the Hawks, is one of Australia's most successful AFL teams. Being the only club to have won at least one premiership every decade from the 1960s to 2010s.

Luke Boyd is the physical performance manager at the Hawthorn Football Club. One of the role's key responsibilities is to analyse and manage the training loads of each athlete within the program. We spoke to Luke to discuss how the Lumin sports platform has changed their data collection and visualisation processes, as well as what they like the most about the Arc platform. 

One central, user-friendly database for all staff

We have a wide range of people that utilise this platform, from coaches to physiotherapists, strength and conditioning staff, and our data analysts. Having a user-friendly central database means that more of our staff and accessing the data, which helps us be more aligned as a support team.

With around 25-30% reduction in the workforce across the league due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to maintain the same level of analysis across the 2021 season through the Lumin platform.

Streamlined data collection and decision making

In the past, our capacity to organise data into a format that is easy to analyse and interpret has been limited and time-consuming. For example, we collect and utilise a range of data sets from training load measures with GPS to body composition data. The Arc platform has enabled us to sort and organise this data into a central hub firstly. The interactive nature then allows us to analyse and make decisions much more rapidly than in the past.

Track and manage athlete's training loads

From a day to day perspective, we use the platform to collect information from the athletes through the user-friendly Phila application. This helps inform us of how the athletes are tracking each day and allows us to modify training loads as required. In addition, the platform enables staff to access information following the session to help make more informed decisions to manage each individual athlete the best.

As mentioned previously, the interactive, user-friendly nature of the platform helps to sort through large data sets to find the relevant information. The system is also very reliable, with close to no issues accessing the data from day to day.

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