Woodville West Torrens FC

Woodville West-Torrens Football Club is an Australian rules football club playing in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). The Eagles field teams in the men’s & women’s competition, the reserves league as well as two underage development squads.

Ahead of the 2024 season, Woodville West-Torrens was looking to optimise  its football department with a platform to assist coaches manage athletic data, injuries and return-to-play processes, as well as post-game feedback.

Sam Jacobs, Head Coach, Woodville West-Torrens Football Club– ‘’We were just looking to, I guess, streamline all of our data and make it a lot simpler for us to track the players and use that for a game review situation. We felt that Lumin had everything and all in one place. From Ryan Gerschwitz our Head of Fitness, he's been able to use it for fitness and injury management, and I enjoy using it for the game review.’’

Platform Tier: Lumin Core
Pain Points & Challenges
Injury and Medical Management

Without a centralised medical platform, coaches, trainers, physios and external doctors had no way to easily add, view or update injuries and return-to-play progress. Information was stored across multiple platforms, increasing the amount of administration required to manage a comprehensive medical department.

Post-game reviews

Weekly postgame surveys and feedback were collected through a range of mediums, increasing the administration time to not only send survey and trademark questionnaires, but also to review, collate and respond where necessary.

Subjective Load Management

Without access to a daily questionnaire, The Eagles had limited scope to consistently and easily track subjective wellness data, including fatigue, mood, stress, soreness and sleep quality.

Solutions & Impact
Lumin Medical Module

The Lumin Medical module has streamlined injury reporting, management and information storage. Having previously relied on email, phone, pen and paper, and Excel, coaches and medical staff now have access to a centralised injury management platform that allows those who have permission to report and review information whenever they need. File uploads and notes are also securely stored within player profiles in the medical module.

‘’To be able to have the doctors input and upload medical reports, upload X-rays, straight to Lumin and give everyone an understanding of what the report is, is really beneficial to us because now we don't need to have email chains that are 15, 16 deep that don't even have medical reports on them.  Ryan Gerschwitz, Head of Performance, Woodville West-Torrens Football Club

Post-game questionnaires

Lumin’s postgame questionaries have allowed Woodville West-Torrens coaching staff to efficiently send customised postgame surveys directly to athletes via the Lumin mobile app. Completed surveys are immediately sent back coaches for review and further clarification. Lumin’s postgame questionaries have streamlined the postgame communication feedback loop and reduced the number of platforms the Eagles use to run their football department.

RPE and Wellness Questionnaires

Having access to daily questionnaires has allowed Woodville West-Torren’s coaches a greater insight into subjective player load metrics.  

Matt Goldsworthy, Football Operations Woodville West Torrens Football Club. ‘’Obviously there's the injury prevention space, but also the wellbeing space. So just pointing out to them that if they fill it out and let us know how they're feeling, how they’re physically feeling, mentally feeling, it gives us a better understanding when they rock up the training where they're at.’’

The Data

Athlete reported soreness flags per month *pre and in season avg.
Post-game feedback questionnaires completed per week *in season avg.