Lumin Sports partners with St. Lawrence University

Lumin Welcomes the St.Lawrence Saints

Key points

·      Lumin Sports partners with St. Lawrence University

·      The Saints will roll out the Lumin platform to the men’s football and women’s soccer programs

·      Lumin data will inform coach decisions and athlete management


St. Lawrence University has chosen Lumin Sports to assist its athletics department with athlete management and team communications.


The new partnership will see The Saints roll out the Lumin platform to its men’s football and women’s soccer programs.


St. Lawrence University, based in Canton, New York, competes in the NCAA Division III Liberty League.


The Saints’ Strength and Conditioning coach, Jon Lynch, said the university is determined to do everything it can to provide the best environment for its teams to succeed.


''The Saints' Athletic Department is committed to creating an environment that gives our student-athletes every opportunity to reach their potential,'' Lynch said.


''The team from Lumin Sports shares our vision and it's why we're excited to be working together.''


St. Lawrence University is the latest of a growing number of colleges embedding the Lumin platform in their athletics departments to support athlete performance as well as streamline team communications and administration.


CEO of Lumin Sports, Ben Tripodi, said he’s thrilled to see more collegiate athletic departments take advantage of the benefits Lumin provides.


‘’Our platform allows coaches and student-athletes at all levels the ability to succeed, so to see St. Lawrence take up that opportunity gives me immense pride,’’ Tripodi said.


‘’From New York to California, we’re helping collegiate coaches make more informed decisions and cutting their admin time while also increasing athlete engagement by giving them more access to their performance data.’’


‘’St. Lawrence and the rest of our clients will also benefit from some exciting new features soon to be released.’’


Lumin Sports feature at the upcoming National Strength and Conditioning Association Coaches Conference in Orlando Florida.


Lumin Sports

Lumin Sports is a digital HQ for athletic performance. It's more than an Athlete Management System. It's the only platform needed to bring people, data and decision-making together. With performance, injury management, and administrative features, team communication has never been more streamline and efficient.


St. Lawrence University

StLawrence University is a private liberal arts college in the village of Canton in St. Lawrence County, New York. The St Lawrence University Saints have 33 teams primarily competing in the NCAA Division III Liberty League.