Lumin Sports and the NSCA Extend Coaching Partnership

Stronger Together, Lumin Sports & The NSCA

7 December 2023


Adelaide, South Australia - Lumin Sports and the National Strength and Conditioning Association have extended their coaching partnership for another year.


It comes as both organisations remain resolute in their mission to provide education and tools for strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches while improving the performance of emerging and elite athletes.


Having laid strong foundations in the U.S over the previous 12-months, including a base of operations in California, Lumin Sports is doubling down on its commitment to supporting S&C coaches by supplying them with a platform that helps them make faster, more accurate decisions while saving them time spent on data analysis and administration.


Lumin Sports CEO, Ben Tripodi, said he’s excited to work alongside the NSCA and its members for another year.


‘’We’ve loved being part of the NSCA community over the last 12-months and are excited to build on our solid foundations,’’ Tripodi said.


‘’With Lumin now embedded in colleges, high performance centres, schools, youth academies, and pro-teams across the country, it’s allowed us to further refine our platform to make it even more powerful for S&C coaches at all levels.’’


‘’All the feedback from NSCA members has been invaluable and thanks to them we’ve developed more features to improve their coaching experience.’’


‘’Beyond the partnership, we’re also look forward to featuring at the Coaches Conference in Orlando and the opportunity to connect with everyone again.’’


NSCA Coaching and Sports Science Program Manager, Eric McMahon, said he’s pleased to see the partnership continue for a second year.


‘’We’ve valued having Lumin Sports onboard and appreciate their commitment to supporting the association and our members into the future,’’ McMahon said.


‘’Both organisations share a similar mission to advance strength and conditioning and we look forward to working with the Lumin Sports team again.’’


As well as featuring at the NSCA Coaches Conference in Orlando, Lumin Sports will host a round table event that is open to all members and guests.




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Founded in 1978, The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the strength and conditioning and related sport science professions around the world. The NSCA community is composed of more than 60,000 members and certified professionals throughout the world who further industry standards as researchers, educators, strength and conditioning coaches, performance and sport scientists, personal trainers, tactical professionals, and other related roles.