Lake Travis Fire Rescue engages Lumin Sports to visualise IAFF testing battery

U.S. Fire Department Engages Lumin Sports for Physical Testing and Monitoring Program



Key points

-       Lake Travis Fire Rescue to use Lumin Sports platform for physical testing

-       Lumin develop purpose-built physical testing battery and data visualisation for IAFF standards

-       100 personnel to be onboarded

-       First U.S. tactical client for Lumin Sports


Adelaide, South Australia - Lake Travis Fire Rescue will use the Lumin Sports platform as part of its physical testing and monitoring program.


Situated north-west of Austin, Texas, and tasked with covering more than 100-square miles of lakes, vast undeveloped areas and heavily populated residential communities, Lake Travis Fire Rescue operates six fire stations with more than 100 staff.


Committed to ensuring its firefighters meet the physical standards set by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), Lake Travis Fire Rescue will use Lumin to test and visualise its personnel’s athletic data.


Lake Travis Fire Rescue Lieutenant, Matt Benson, said the department takes great pride in the physical capabilities and readiness of its firefighters.

‘’As first responders, we need to be highly capable and physically proficient to protect our community and the district,’’ Lieutenant Benson said.


‘’We want to make sure we’re compliant with IAFF standards and for Lumin to develop a purpose-built IAFF testing battery and visualisation tool has helped us to continue to meet those obligations.’’


‘’As a department, we can confidently approach every job knowing we’re physically up to the task and that we’re responding for the district in the best condition possible.’’


The deal between Lumin Sports and Lake Travis Fire Rescue comes as tactical organisations search for easy-to-use and cost-effective athlete management software.


Lumin Sports CEO, Ben Tripodi, said the company is proud to be supporting first responders who protect and serve their communities.


‘’The work that Lake Travis Fire Rescue undertake each and every day is absolutely vital to the safety of the district and we’re proud to be playing a small part in supporting their athletic aptitude,’’ Tripodi said.


‘’Although there’s a natural cross over between professional athletes and tactical personnel when it comes to physical testing and monitoring, we wanted to make sure Lake Travis could easily collect and visualise the data they needed to meet their IAFF standards, so it was an easy decision to build that for them.’’


‘’We believe performance software should be available to anyone who needs it, especially organisations that protect the community, and that’s why we’re committed to making our solutions as affordable as possible.’’


While the Lake Travis Fire Rescue deal marks the first of its kind for Lumin Sports in the U.S., Lumin Sports is proud to be supporting a range of tactical clients in Australia.


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Lumin Sports

Lumin Sports is an Australian sports technology company. Its performance software solution, Lumin, is a digital HQ for athletic performance. It’s more than an AMS. Lumin provides data visualization, communication, administration, and injury management tools to help performance staff make faster and more accurate decisions.


Lake Travis Fire Rescue

Travis County Emergency Services District No. 6/Lake Travis Fire Rescue covers 104 square miles of dynamic topography including lakes, vast undeveloped areas and heavily populated residential communities. Currently, the district is serviced with six fully-staffed and operating fire stations.