Josh Growden - The Punter From Down Under


Switching Code With A Golden Boot

Josh Growden always had his sights set on a career in Australian Football. Always seen kicking a ball as a youngster there was no doubt that he wanted to make it to the top. Josh was picked up by the Greater Western Sydney Giants when they first formed and joined the AFL. However Josh's AFL career was not to be, with an interrupted preparation and struggle with injury, saw him being delisted from the Giants list. Josh then joined 'ProKick Australia' giving Australians the opportunity to learn and enter the American Football punting system.

Fast forward a couple of years, Josh has now spent three years at LSU and one season with West Virginia University before graduating in Human Movement and starting his own High Performance Kicking Consulting business. A high performer in every facet, Josh unpacks his athlete journey and speaks through his experiences in both Australian and American Sports Science and High Performance Environments.

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