Jed Altschwager - New Opportunities, New Mindset Through Adversity


Transition of mindset to a new situation to create new opportunities.

Jed Altschwager is a Para Rowing Athlete apart of the Australian Rowing Program. The South Australian lost his left leg in 2015 during a workplace accident. Jed himself describes it as 'his foot was squished and taken off' and post rehabilitation the Adelaide-local identified strongly with the sport of rowing. Jed's mindset and rehabilitation story is one to be admired, his strength through adversity and his gratitude for life is unprecedented.

How Life Can Change In An Instant

Jed speaks in depth about the emotions and struggles he encountered during his recovery and although he admits this was an incredibly difficult phase of his life he shifted his focus onto what opportunities this now offered him. Fast forward to now and Jed has now cemented his spot on the sport of Para Rowing in the SASI Program and at a national level. Altschwager went on to win a silver medal in the PR3 Men's Single Scull at the 2018 Australian National Championships along with two silver medals in the 2018 and 2019 PR3 Mens Pairs World Championship.

Outside of rowing, Altschwager has the opportunity to tell his story to local schools in South Australia and spread his story of mindset and gratitude, a true inspiration and story for all to admire.

Lumin Sports thank Jed for sharing his story and his time on this episode.

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