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The Sports Scientists Journey

Paolo Menaspà is a world renowned sports scientists that has worked within some of the best sporting organisations and alongside of some of the most successful athletes in the world. Paolo has spent a lot of his career in particular in the sport of cycling. His work centres on research and development of strategies to best support athletes in pursuit of their goals.

Paolo's previous role with the Australian Cycling Team included work with national coaches and the performance support team to identify and implement performance enhancing solutions across multiple disciplines in the lead up to the recent Olympic campaign.

The power of influence & experience

Earlier in his career Paolo spent 7 years at Mapei Sport (Italy) where he worked along with several top level athletes and teams, including Cadel Evans (four time Olympian and 2011 Tour de France winner), Alex Zanardi (former F1 driver and four time Paralympic gold medallist) and Juventus FC (Italian Serie A team).

Outside of these organisations and work with elite athletes, Paolo has spent time lecturing at Edith Cowan University where he has also completed his PHD in Philosophy and Sports Science.

In this conversation we speak through his experience and journey through the industry chatting through his learnings and biggest challenges.

We also speak through;

-Italian heritage and coffee culture

-His experience and work with Cadel Evans

-Working under Aldo Sassi in the "Lab" - the power of influence and experience

-Being apart of the start of Green Edge Cycling team, Australia's first professional cycling team.

-His current role now at the Australian Institute of Sport as Chief Science Officer

Paolo story is a journey of courage and hard work, one for any up and coming sports scientist to envy. Listen to this podcast today on your favourite podcast player.

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Why are teams across the globe choosing to work smarter with Lumin?

Rachel Hedderman

"As a professional cycling team we have athletes based all over the world, and at times we don’t see them in person for several weeks during the season or months during the off season, and even longer in the current climate. The Lumin Arc platform and Phila app allow us to simplify and centralise both qualitative and quantitative data on the athletes and is a valuable tool for us both for helping with team selection decisions, but also for general monitoring of the athletes health and well being."

Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank Pro Cycling
Head Sports Director
Kevin Poulton

"Lumin's Arc platform is a game changer in professional cycling. Arc has given our team real insights into the athlete’s performance and how they are feeling and training every day. This has and will continue to improve our decision making in a globally disparate team."

Powerhouse Cycling
World Tour Professional Cycling Coach
Doug Ryder

"We are a sport and a team with such a diverse work force which is geographically dispersed. Keeping in touch with each other is critical , every day that a rider is not able to train is a day lost to the team and to the rider. Technology and the partnership with Lumin has enabled us to be more connected than ever in a meaningful and relevant way, keeping us on the road."

Team Qhubeka Assos
Team Principal
Jarryd Wallace

"I can comfortably say that Lumin has saved us well over 40% in time spent collecting and preparing data, meaning we can spend more time putting the data to use."

Adelaide Football Club
Sports Science & Conditioning Coordinator
Victor Campenaerts

“I am able to see all of my data in real time combined into the one system. Everything from my wellness to my performance data on one system is incredibly powerful. I’m able to connect all of my data to my coaches, performance staff and the people allowing me to be at my best. I’m able to integrate my 3rd party hardware and it will upload instantly to the Arc platform for instant analysis. As an athlete we often are asked to use a variety of different tools to monitor all of our performance metrics, With the Phila and Arc platforms this now consolidates this monitoring and data collection to very few seamless steps, allowing me to concentrate on racing and performing at my best."

Team Qhubeka Assos
Eleni Vosnakis

"The Arc and Phila platforms have provided us with the ability to understand and monitor our group more in depth, while reducing our admin time with the data analysis perspective, giving us more time for what matters, developing our players on the field."

Adelaide United Football Club - W League
Head of High Performance
Luke Boyd

"The interactive, user-friendly nature of the platform helps to sort through large data sets to find the relevant information. With around 25-30% reduction in work-force across the league as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to maintain the same level of analysis across the 2021 season through the Arc platform."

Hawthorn Football Club
Physical Performance Manager
Cally O'Brien

"Since using Arc by Lumin Sports, we, as a high performance football team have been able to consolidate a-lot of our existing data storage and analysis platforms so that we can now use one central platform throughout the department. Seamless integrations with real time visuals has been at the forefront of my work and where I see the most benefit and potential from the Arc platform from my point of view."

Hawthorn Football Club
Physical Performance Analyst

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