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The Nicest Sports Scientist In The World

Stuart Gollan is the Lead Sports Scientist from the Adelaide United Football Club. 'Stu' as he is commonly know amongst the Lumin Sports family is a lover of all things performance and formulating ways to push the human body to perform at its peak. Stu has worked within the 'World Game' for a number of years now. Before his current stint with United, Stu completed an internship with the Port Adelaide Football Club, worked as a post graduate scholar at the Australian Institute of Sport along with tutoring up and coming undergraduates in Applied Exercise Science with the University of South Australia.

As we have learnt through many of our High Performance Project conversations that everyones journey is different and Stu's is no different. He entered the industry relatively late compared to most and has quickly made his way up the food chain to leading the high performance department at United. Stu puts this down a relentless pursuit of excellence, ability to network and willing to try his hand at almost anything in the field. There were plenty of good takeaways in this conversation for anyone aspiring for a career in the sports industry or even simply having a dream or in pursuit of a goal and enabling a clear mindset to achieve success.

Stuarts story is a humble one and we had plenty of fun having him in for a podcast, a very educated and driven individual, it was to finally sit down with Stuart a great asset and friend of the Lumin Sports.

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