Jake Giannakis - Earthquakes & Latte's

In The Beginning

Jake Giannakis - Head of Strength & Conditioning at Essendon VFL and High Performance Manager at the Academy joins the podcast to speak about his last 12-24 months in the world of high performance sport. Jake has built a wealth of knowledge in the sports science and high performance industry through his time spent with AFL teams Collingowood, North Melbourne and now Essendon.

The Shift In The Industry

Working alongside some of some of the industries best and most respected people has allowed Jake to find his passion and desire to develop and teach the future stars of Australian Football. Jake was also one of the founding members of 'The Academy' a full time elite sport passion school that provides and mixture of sport and regular curriculum schedules to provide pathways for elite sports candidates.

We throughly enjoyed this chat with Jake with plenty of good topics of conversation coming from the chat.

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