Skylar Richards - Data Analysis vs Data vs Science

Understanding the importance of your role in a high performing team

Skylar Richards is the current Director of physiology and science at Orlando City SC. Skylar has a wealth of experience within some of North America's most recognisable sports organisations, particularly within the MLS.

Skylar started his career with a primary focus on injury prevention through scalable detection and recovery strategies for athletes. These strategies focus on increased training availability and physiologic monitoring, which has been a strong focus for Skylar throughout his career and industry experience.

As a strong advocate for truly understanding the needs for athletes to succeed, Skylar speaks on his belief that the industry often seems to confuse the definitions of data analysts and data scientists. The importance is placed on being able to resource your high-performance department with the right people to nurture a successful team or even better athletes.

Skylar's work focuses heavily on the recovery and prevention techniques for elite soccer in the United States. In 2015 founded, a partnership between national clubs to open the first US professional soccer recovery lab highlighting the prevalence of soft tissue injuries and immobilisation, nutrition and anti-inflammatory modalities within the MLS and beyond.

Skylar brings a huge amount of knowledge to this podcast, and the Lumin Sports team appreciate the time he has taken to share his experiences and knowledge.