Adam Centofanti - The Sports Science Grind

How to be a Sports Science 'Hustler'

Adam Centofanti is the Head of Fitness at Seattle Sounders FC which is one of the biggest MLS clubs in the North American League. Adam has been in the sports science circle for some years now and his story epitomises the 'sports science hustler' working and volunteering in many roles before landing in the US to work in the MLS. 

Adam spent over 5 years with the Melbourne City franchise formerly Melbourne Heart and was apart of the 3 championship victories with the W League squad during that time. Adam chats to us about some of the success he achieved as the strength and conditioning coach at the club during that time and his thoughts on what made the franchise such a powerhouse over those years. 

A unique part of Adam's story was the fact he played football (soccer) for many years, which he believes allowed him to have some advantage moving into the coaching space after his athletic career.  

Adam has now be in the US for a few years, before Seattle working with Houston Dynamo apart of the high performance department with fellow Australian Alex Calder. 

This podcast gives a good understanding of Adams career progression with some good pointers for any up and coming sports science student or enthusiast.