Steve Mckenna - Cracked Lips & Wet Pants


The Lizard Triathlete World Champ... maybe the only one too.

Steve Mckenna is a multiple time pro half IronMan distance champion working his way through the world ranks and mixing it with the best in professional triathlon. The Australian native known as the 'Lizard Triathlete' had an interesting entry to the triathlon world, playing Australian Rules football as a youngster he converted to triathlon after finding a passion for cycling whilst recovering from a serious leg injury. 

Steve is a multiple time South Australian triathlete of the year and multiple time University of South Australia athlete of the year. Steve has also studied both Law & Marketing degrees along with become a new father, so it's fair to say it's a busy life for Steve all while juggling the stress and training schedule of a professional athlete. 

Steve's approach on life is a refreshing one, although he lives and breathes the cut throat nature of pro triathlon he also loves to not take things to seriously, his approach with his personal brand makes it very relatable to be apart of his journey, as Ben & Jack label him a new 'Lionel Sanders or Sam Long', however we discuss the importance of aligning yourself and developing good relationships with partners and sponsors. 

Some other key highlights of this episode: 

- The power of nutrition in pro triathlon

- Training and mindset philosophies 

- Why personal research for marginal gains is important

- His athlete pathway and learning of the early days

- Current race schedule and future plans 

- A special mention to sponsors and partnered athletes

This was a really enjoyable episode with Steve as we chat through everything exciting coming up for him as the world opens up and the Triathlon calendar starts to hit its straps. 

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