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Developing athletes in and out of the squat rack.

In what will be the last podcast episode of the year, we connected with our good buddy and one of our closest clients, Scott Caulfield from Norwich University to chat all thing Strength & Conditioning. 

Scott Caulfield is the current Director of Strength & Conditioning at Norwich University, Vermont. Scott Caulfield was hired as the first Director of Strength and Conditioning in university history on June 18, 2021. 

Caulfield is one of the most well-known collegiate strength and conditioning coaches in the industry. He spent 11 years at the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a coaching education manager and head strength and conditioning coach.

Prior to Scott's current role at Norwich he spent 2 years with Colorado College, Colorado. 

Scott has been involved in fitness and athletics for more than two decades. He utilized those 20+ years of "under the bar" lifting and coaching experience in a variety of different roles in support of the NSCA's mission as the worldwide authority on strength and conditioning.

Prior to joining the NSCA, he served as an assistant strength & conditioning coach at Dartmouth College from 2008-11, working primarily with the football, men's & women's swimming, and rugby teams. During that time, he also served as the director of sports performance at the River Valley Club, one of the most successful training facilities in New England, and served as the NSCA's Vermont State Director.

It's fair to say this man is a master of his craft and deeply admired and respected in the industry. This episode took a great dive into not only Scott's journey, furthermore the the growth of what it means to be an S&C coach in today's industry.  

Scott regularly shares his own mantra towards coaching; "To educate, motivate and inspire today’s strength and conditioning coaches, helping to expand their mindset by encouraging them to think bigger." This was evident in this conversation, with plenty of wisdom shared along with key insights for up and coming practitioners. 

Key learnings and takeaways from this podcast: 

  • How to build a strong network

  • Why public speaking and external workshops are important for personal and professional growth

  • How the NSCA aims to bridge the gap between science and practice

  • The importance of building strong student relationships

  • Focusing on the mental preparation of athletes just as much as their physical

Thanks again to Scott for his time, to our listeners, guests and sponsors for their ongoing support this year. We look forward to being bac,k bigger and better in 2023.  


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