Lumin Sports Welcome DRG Knights Liv Women's Cycling Team

Equality & Opportunity, Building a team with purpose.

The mission of the DRG Knights Liv Race team is to develop a fully-funded Australian female cycling team that supports female cyclists by giving them every opportunity to reach the very pinnacle of the sport, within a healthy and empowering environment.

Our team is intentionally built around a mixture of abilities and experience, and our success is measured by creating opportunities and building a rich, supportive culture of growth on and off the bike.

We are professional and competitive in all aspects of racing, however, we never lose sight of the bigger picture—to have fun.

Kate Perry, High Performance Manager:

"The Lumin product isn't just a performance data management space for us. It provides us with a centralised hub from which we can communicate with the team as well as manage all of our events on the race calendar. With team members all over Australia, it is important for us to be able to have a uniform means of staying in touch with our athletes. What excites me the most about the Lumin team is their passion and enthusiasm for supporting sporting teams and industry professionals, providing a seamless system that is user-friendly, intuitive, and sleek in design! 

"Our team consists of 9 female athletes, competing in the National Road Series, a domestic road cycling competition, here in Aus! All of our athletes are training full time, working and/or studying, with three doctors on the team! Dotted all around the country (WA, NSW, Vic, SA, and Qld), it is important for us to be able to keep informed and up to date with how everyone is going, not just when we come together for races, but outside and around race weekends. 

Each rider has their own coach, so as the HPM, it is my role to oversee the training, but not prescribe it. Which is where the Lumin platform is super powerful. Being able to port training data in from Trainingpeaks, as well as sync wellness data from wearables means that the riders can just focus on getting the training done, and not worry about having to manually upload to another platform. Cycling is already a data-heavy sport, so we really wanted to have a means by which we weren't adding any additional tasks to the athletes' already busy schedules! 


Another great feature that we use regularly is the race report feature. This helps our Director Sportif gain additional insight into how the riders felt about not only their performance but also how the team performed. We centre this feedback around our team values and cultural standards, which is an important piece for us to be able to call upon to ensure we are all working together collectively for the team's mission. By giving the riders a safe and private space in which they can reflect on the race, we can provide additional commentary on how we feel the race went with reference to how it was seen through the riders' eyes. Cycling is an interesting sport in that individual results equate to team success. This is why we place such an emphasis on creating the right culture to foster this mindset. Quite tricky when we only come together half a dozen times a year! The Lumin platform provides us with the right tools to get the job done!

Cassia Boglio, Team Athlete:

The Lumin/Arc app is an efficient way of opening up athlete-team communication, allowing the team to have valuable insight into our daily training environments. By collating rider data to look at trends and performance markers, the app can clearly show if an athlete is progressing smoothly or if there is anything that could be a potential issue. This saves a lot of time and hassle for the team as it’s an easy way for the riders to explicate how they’re feeling via a simple method, which is then translated to the team through data. By linking a simple questionnaire and our training data, the app is an efficient way of measuring the riders entire wellbeing. 

Having a performance partner like Lumin Sports is super exciting for Knights. Because we are all based around the country it can be hard for the team to monitor how we’re all going in between big races. Having Lumin on board means that the line of communication between the riders and team management has become easier for everyone. It’s also useful and reassuring to have the team looking out for us to make sure we’re managing our training load and other life stressors. 

Having recently come of some great results at the Tour of Brisbane, we look forward to supporting the team into the 2023 season and beyond.

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