Team Performance Solution

Arc is our flagship data visualisation platform for technical and non-technical decision makers. Providing access to high performance tools specifically built for your team. Using integrations and data from Arc Mobile, Arc presents key insights to decision makers so that faster and more accurate decisions can be made.

Smart Data Pipelines
  • Notify staff when athletes exceed normal values
  • Coaches able to communicate with athletes seemlessly
  • Automatic data upload from third parties
  • See which athletes need your help with real time alerts
World Class Visualisation
  • Graphs designed specifically for your sport
  • Widgets that allow for quick analysis
  • Detect changes in your athletes or team through smart dashboards
  • Interactive web based charts
Enhanced Athlete Monitoring
  • Detect changes in ahtlete's subjective wellness
  • Track sleep data to inform recovery
  • Determine athlete's training status, intensity and load over time
  • Monitor athlete's injuries and illnesses with industry standard codes

Athlete Communication Solution

Arc Mobile is the ultimate athlete monitoring tool. Arc Mobile is the athlete facing mobile application designed to capture key athlete subjective data, automatically log athlete whereabouts and create a seamless environment for team wellbeing initiatives. Seamlessly integrating with Arc for advanced visualisation and decision making. Arc Mobile also provides the opportunity for athletes to view their data, trends and information from the coaches. We believe that a more informed athlete allows for improved performance.

Reduce admin time

Lumin Sports' Arc platform consumes multiple complex data points collected in the team or organisation and delivers key insights to decision makers in real time.

Consolidate data collection and analysis

Your entire team is on the same page, no need for sending emails to review data, your team data is in one central location for all decision makers.

Enhance decision accuracy

Arc allows for clear information from all parties to be condensed in a clear way to allow for seamless and informed decisions to be made.

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