Adelaide United Football Club

Wellbeing and Performance For Our Future Stars

An Insight into the Adelaide United Football Club Women's Squad and their implementation of the Arc and Phila platforms from Lumin Sports. Providing the performance and wellness tools today to support the future stars of tomorrow.

AUFC x Lumin Sports

The Adelaide United Football Club & Lumin Sports relationship was born out the combined passion to give athletes the greatest opportunities to excel at the world stage and play at the highest level. A relationship that understands the importance of not only high performance but supporting the team and athletes with wellbeing initiatives.

Lumin Sports Arc (Data Visualisation) and Phila (Athlete Wellbeing) platforms have been implemented at AUFC since the start of the 2020/21 season to give the team a better understanding into athlete loads, wellbeing insights, gym, GPS and RPE loads along with a wide variety of other visualisation and data housing.

The Lumin Sports suite was a first time offering for the W League squad, whom for many years have gone without the technology to track and monitor their athletes to this level.

Head of High Performance, Eleni Vosnakis:

The Arc and Phila platforms have provided us with the ability to understand and monitor our group more in depth, while reducing our admin time with the data analysis perspective, giving us more time for what matters, developing our players on the field.

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Head Physiotherapist, Emily Thorn:

We have the girls completing Wellness, both before and after training so that we have a better understanding how they are tacking in metrics such sleep, fatigue and soreness. This allows us to better manage players that are flagged as injured or in rehab. These tools are unlike anything we have used before and it no doubt increase our potential to perform both on and off field by giving the performance and coaching staff the insights that we otherwise wouldn't have.

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