Team Novo Nordisk Partner with Lumin Sports


Racing to Educate, Empower & Inspire

Lumin Sports are proud to welcome Team Novo Nordisk Pro Cycling to the Lumin Family. Team Novo Nordisk have an incredible story and one to be recognised. All athletes within the pro cycling squad compete with type 1 diabetes. As the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team, they show the world and tell the story for what is possible for those living with diabetes.

Lumin Sports will provide both Arc and Phila platforms to the team to power athlete performance and wellbeing, boosting the High Performance capabilities for the team and a continued commitment towards athlete development.

Lumin Sports are excited to boost the performance capabilities of both the athletes and coaching staff to become an integral part of the wider team at Team Novo Nordisk Pro Cycling and we look forward to supporting them through the 2021 season.

A Message From The Team

Our vision for what is possible with diabetes

Our hope is that one day, we will realise a future with no stigmas around diabetes. That one day, people without diabetes will be able to empathise with just how much effort goes into managing blood glucose and join our team in cheering these inspiring athletes toward their goals. Our hope for the future is that, no matter where people are born, those diagnosed with diabetes will have the same access to insulin, monitoring, education, and empowerment needed to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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