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A commitment to innovate for the future of sports technology and professional cycling

The Lumin Sports and Team Qhubeka ASSOS relationship is one that has existed long before the start of this current road cycling season. A foundational relationship that has been fostered over many years in the pursuit of a common cause, to innovate technology to provide effective performance and wellbeing tools for the worlds best athletes.

Lumin Sports have been working closely with Douglas Ryder and his team for over 4 years to implement the first versions of the Phila application (Athlete Wellbeing) and the Arc platform (Data Visualisation). Since then the team has been a vital part of Lumin Sports' growth and the innovation of it's technology and this is a relationship we only see growing further . We value all of our client relationships at Lumin Sports and Team Qhubeka ASSOS is at the forefront of that culture and ethos we have fostered as a business.

Lumin Sports will continue to provide both Arc and Phila platforms to the team to power athlete performance and wellbeing, boosting the High Performance capabilities for the team and a continued commitment towards athlete development.

Lumin Sports are excited to boost the performance capabilities of both the athletes and coaching staff to become an integral part of the wider team at Team Qhubeka Assos and we look forward to supporting them through the 2021 season and beyond.

Racing for more than wins - Mobilising communities with the Qhubeka Charity

Lumin Sports look forward to continually support the team in their endeavour both on and off bike. Team Qhubeka Assos ride for more than wins, they ride to mobilise the communities of Africa with bicycles through the Qhubeka charity. #BICYCLESCHANGELIVES #UBUNTU

To learn more about our relationship with Team Qhubeka ASSOS and their work with the Qhubeka Charity head to

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