Taylah Jack - Bras or Bros, Just be Confident


It's all about the delivery in coaching.

Taylah Jack is a driven and dedicated Strength & Conditioning coach looking to make a real impact on the world stage. Having spent time in the US with some of the best colleges in the country, particularly highlighting time spent at the University of Louisville where Taylah assisted Performance Staff in developing and implementing strength, conditioning, speed, agility and testing sessions for Olympic Sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rowing and Tennis, Taylah has now returned to South Australia to join the South Australian Sports Institute as their Strength & Conditioning Coach, High Performance Manager at Norwood Football Club and the Head Strength & Conditioning coach at Cycling South Australia, a jam packed schedule to say the least. 

Taylah studied her Bachelor of Human Movement at the University of South Australia before completing her Masters of High Performance Sport & Exercise Science at ACU, like many of our previous sports science and high performance manager guests previously on the podcast. 

Ben and Jack spoke through some key points and learning from Taylah's career thus far, including: 

• Balancing 3 roles and having to shift focus between sports and athletes.

• Being a female in a male dominated industry along with working closely with male dominated teams and staff.

• The fact sports science research is male dominant, finding the need to do more research at elite level with females and the difference this could make to performance outcomes. 

• How her experience in the US College system shaped Taylah's coaching philosophies, along with the differences between their system compared to a pro level in Australia? 

• Tips and advice for women in the industry already or young females wanting to get into the industry.

We love Taylah's approach to her craft, in particular her passion for advancing beyond the parameters of the current sports science industry. We particularly admire her authenticity and transparency being a female in a male dominated industry, swiping away the notion that it has significant influence on how she operates, it simply “comes down to the delivery and you must never demand respect, it must be earned”.

To learn more you can connect with Taylah and Lumin Sports at:

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/taylah-jack 




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